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About Porteks
Porteks was established under Küçükler Holding in order to source and provide textile products...
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We specialize sourcing and exporting Women’s, Men’s and Children’s fashioned products.
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We provide lifestyle socks, hosiery, underwear, clothing, homeware and accessories...
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Please feel free to ask anything about our sourcing solutions.
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Your best & last sourcing partner

Everything starts with the essential first step is that the ideas. Then it begins working on your prototypes in order to satisfy our clients. We explore options then adapt the ideas based on the options with great flexibilities. We believe that every designers should have a reliables sourcings channels and partners to successfully meet productions demands, also they need right sample selections in the first step of this direction. We always say to our customers “ Don’t panic! we have compiles sourcing options in order to provide everything that you need for entire textile goods. We are also here to make the ultimate textile sourcing strategy for you.”

The below six points are crucial for our sourcing policy:

Minimum and maximum quantities: Many suppliers are minimum and maximum quantities. We provides our clients alternatives solutions, materials and suppliers and negotiate terms and settle on a compromise that work for both sizes of suppliers and clients.

Lead time: We always ask both clients and suppliers about the lead time for production and delivery. Because, this is vital for planning of production and delivery. Therefore, we follow up every single step of production and delivery the goods to be arrived in time to clients’s warehouses.

Repeat orders: We always discuss stock material availability and continuity in advance to make fast track delivery of repeat orders. we are extremely aware of availability of products in our clients’ shelves.

Pricing: we are aiming the competitive prices for our clients.

Quality: We provide the quality of products to our clients.

Sustainability and Ethical Policy: we provide our customers sustainable supply chains and an increased demand for transparency. Also, the ethical standards of the factories are our first priority.

Porteks by numbers

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Your branding, your vision

Private label

We are directly dealing with suppliers in order to have ability to develop our customers’s own unique image and private labels. The first, and most obvious step for us that a quality products. Therefore, we provide our customers right products with right suppliers. We managing the process with providing our customers with right samples before production.

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Core Values

Our way of work


We believe that goods products make our lives comfortable and enjoyable. Also, goods products help to save environments. Therefore, we have passions to develop new and designed products for our customers and consumers.


Whatever we do, we want to add values for our customers, consumers, employees, suppliers and society.


We promote the talented people and craftsmanships. Talents bring the future to today with great ideas, solutions and services.


We know that complexity causes endless complexities. People need simple but not basic. Therefore, we provide simple work environment, products and services to allow everybody to get benefits from them.